Welcome to the Alameda County Fire Department  website

We are very proud and honored to serve the wonderfully diverse residents of Alameda County.  The Alameda County Fire Department (ACFD) is an all-risk, full service emergency response organization made up of 475 very dedicated, hardworking, and well - trained women and men who are committed to providing the very highest level of service. 

ACFD is a dependent special district that serves nearly 400,000 residents throughout 500 square miles, inclusive of the communities of Ashland, Cherryland, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo and Sunol.  The ACFD provides services to the cities of Dublin, Emeryville, Newark, San Leandro and Union City as well as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  We provide fire prevention services, and staff 27 fire stations trained in wildland and structure fire protection, advanced life support emergency medical services, hazardous materials response, technical rescue, water rescue services, and the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team, California Task Force 4. We provide regional dispatching services for fire suppression and ambulance dispatch. Additionally, we manage a state of the art mechanic facility to maintain fire apparatus for ACFD and more than 60 other agencies.

ACFD’s response to significant events in 2020, including the outbreak and persistence of the coronavirus pandemic and the sustained high heat weather conditions coupled with power outages, has been extraordinary – tremendously impacting our residents and creating dangerous conditions for firefighters.  Our staff and members have provided compassionate, caring, and supportive response to our communities – helping to ensure the safety of those we serve. 

Wildfire activity and experience in Alameda County, Bay Area counties, and around the state has been extreme.  The SCU Lightning Complex started by thousands of lightning strikes in the early morning of August 16, ignited 22 separate fires - threatening residents, animals and properties across five counties and consuming nearly 400,000 acres.  The SCU fire was 100 percent contained on October 2 and there was no loss of life.  This was due to the immediate and aggressive actions, coordination, and determination of all members of ACFD, multiple cooperating agencies including Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, CalFire, Alameda County Fire Department, and the California Highway Patrol. 

It is with great pride and appreciation that I lead the dedicated women and men of Alameda County Fire.  It is our vision for ACFD to provide emergency medical services through a highly integrated delivery system with medical and operational oversight in serving residents with medical, mental health and social resources as well as out of hospital support and assistance.   We are committed to focusing ourselves on greater inclusion and increasing the diversity of our personnel. Further, ACFD is committed to increasing the foundation and stability of the Fire District and enhancing regional cooperation and influence.  Our residents deserve the best. 

Thank you for visiting the Alameda County Fire Department website.  All of our personnel are very proud to serve and committed to ensuring the safety of our community.   

Dedicated to Superior Service
Fire Chief William McDonald