This is a quick reference as to what community education programs are currently offered by the Alameda County Fire Department. The information will help you, as a citizen, determine what program will best suit your needs. If you cannot find a particular safety education program, or if you have specialized requirements, most programs can be modified to meet your needs.

The Department is committed to the safety and education of the communities it serves. Our goal is to provide every citizen within our district the highest level of life safety awareness training available. We will continually work to spread the message of fire prevention, safety awareness and public education to all members of the community. Certain program dates and times may be limited due to scheduling or instructor availability. These programs may be modified to meet the needs of the intended audience. For more information regarding life safety education and training, please call the Alameda County Fire Department Community Education Hotline at (510) 632-3473 ext. 1320 or (925) 833-3473 ext. 1320, or Fire Administration at (510) 632-3473 or (925) 833-3473.

Community Events / Safety Presentation
Target Audience: All Ages
Audience Size: Any Size
Length of Program: Varies
Station Tours
Target Audience: All Ages
Audience Size: 20
Length of Program: 30 minutes
Target Audience: Young Adult/Adult
Audience Size: 10
Length of Program: 3.5 hours
Target Audience: All Ages
Audience Size: N/A
Length of Program: N/A
Target Audience: Minimum age 16
Audience Size: 1
Length of Program: Up to 8 hours