The Ride Along Program provides students interested in the fire service the opportunity to ride as a guest on an Alameda County Fire Department apparatus. Students that are curious about participating in this program must at least be 18 years old or 16 years old with the approval of a parent or guardian.

Age Group: Minimum of 16 years old with the approval of a parent or guardian.

Audience Size: 1

Time: Up to 8 hours, between the hours of 0800 and 1700 hours. (The duration of the Ride Along is subject to change according to the Battalion Chief and/or Company Officer sponsoring the student visit.)

Cost: Free.

Resources Required:

  • Proof of student status (i.e. Student Identification Card, Copy of Course Registration, etc.).
  • A sponsoring ACFD Company Officer.
  • Completion of the “Citizen Observer Request Form” and “Liability Waiver”
  • 7 working days before the date requested.**
  • Comply with the Ride Along Dress Standards.

**Upon the approval of the Ride Along, the Alameda County Fire Department will provide the necessary forms for completion.

alameda county fire engine no. 6

To schedule a Ride Along:

  1. Please visit the Alameda County Fire Station(s) that you are interested in learning additional information about.
  2. Secure a Company Officer to sponsor your Ride Along request. Be prepared to answer questions about why you would like to complete a ride along. Please keep in mind that this program is specifically designed for students that are interested in exploring a career in the fire service and learning more about the Alameda County Fire Department.
  3. Initiate your Ride Along request 30 days prior to the day that you want to complete your visit. In an effort to accommodate possible schedule conflicts, be prepared to provide at least 3 dates and times that you are available to complete the Ride Along.

For additional information, please contact the Community Relations Division at (510) 632-3473 ext. 1320 or (925) 833-3473 ext. 1320.