Bond Measure X

In November 2020, voters in Alameda County’s unincorporated communities approved Measure X, the ACFD Fire Safety Bond. Measure X authorizes the ACFD to issue up to $90 million in general obligation bonds to repair, upgrade, and replace outdated fire stations in order to maintain fire and emergency medical services in the unincorporated communities of Ashland, Castro Valley, Cherryland, Livermore, San Lorenzo, and Sunol.

The initial phase of the project will build new Fire Stations to replace existing Stations 7, 22, and 25 in San Lorenzo and Castro Valley. Each of the new stations will include apparatus bay, kitchen, indoor and outdoor common areas, offices, bedroom/bathroom suites, equipment/workshop rooms, and fitness area.  New parking and sitework will also be provided.

ACFD has retained Ross Drulis Cusenbery (RDC) Architectural Firm as the Bridging Architect and mack5 for Project and Construction Management services. ACFD has also retained Panorama Environmental, Inc. to perform CEQA services for the current three Fire Stations.


Public Art Projects Information

Public Art Projects for New Alameda County Fire Stations Alameda County Fire Department (ACFD) and the Alameda County Arts Commission are partnering to provide ACFD’s newest fire stations with public art created for the community we serve. Currently ACFD is designing three new fire stations as part of a Phase I implementation of the Fire Safety Measure X Bond. These three new fire stations are located in Castro Valley (Stations #7 and #25) and San Lorenzo (Station #22). We are excited for the community to be engaged in this process and will announce opportunities as they arise. The goal is to integrate art into the design of each station in a way that benefits the public and honors the work of ACFD. These public art projects will be part of Alameda County’s Public Art Program and managed by the Office of the Alameda County Arts Commission in close collaboration with ACFD.

If you would like to be added to the Arts Commission’s community-specific email list for Castro Valley or San Lorenzo public art projects, please send an email to Please include your name, email address, and indicate if you want to receive updates about Castro Valley and/or San Lorenzo. You will receive email updates with information about how to apply to be on the artwork selection committee, how to submit feedback about artwork proposals, and other opportunities for community involvement when available.

Measure X Bond Update


Fire Station 7

Fire Station 7 (FS7) was constructed in 1986 and is 2,790 square feet. The Station houses a Type I Engine and a Type III Engine. The Station services the urban wildland interface in its area, as well as I-580 east to the City of Dublin and west to Grove Way, Castro Valley. FS7 is ideally located adjacent to a residential neighborhood; however, the station is too small to accommodate all of the required functions of a modern fire station, thus several functions are absent.  The ACFD Programming and Feasibility study determined this fire station to require replacement.

The new fire station will be an approximately 7,900 sf single-story building, built on a currently unpaved parcel of land adjacent to the current Fire Station 7.

Fire Station 22

Fire Station 22 (FS22) was constructed in pre-1940 with a 1963 addition and is 3,967 square feet. The Station houses one Type I Engine company and responds to the downtown, residential and business areas of San Lorenzo. The ACFD leases this fire station from the San Lorenzo Homeowners Association. The site is tightly surrounded by heavily traveled and utilized roadways and parking lots. The ACFD Programming and Feasibility study determined this fire station requires replacement.

The new fire station will be an approximately 7,500 sf single-story building, built on an empty paved lot approximately three blocks from the existing Fire Station 22.

Fire Station 25

Fire Station 25 (FS25) was constructed in 1966 and is 10,000 square feet. The Station houses a Type I Engine company, a Truck company, a Battalion Chief, a HazMat Support Unit and numerous other apparatus.  Behind the main building there is a modular building utilized as a classroom and offices.

The new fire station will be an approximately 14,000 sf building, built on the same parcel as the existing Fire Station 25.  The scope includes demolition and replacement of the existing Fire Station 25 and renovations of temporary facilities for the Station crew and operations at a separate site to be leased by ACFD.